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Cloud technology has the ability to improve your business’ operational efficiency, productivity, reliability and functionality. It offers cost efficient and flexible options for organizations of all sizes to effectively manage, share and control data, as well as provide affordable ways to securely store, recover and backup. Depending on your environment, moving to the cloud may be right for you and Lantium’s Cloud Services can help determine which solutions best suit your needs.

Flexible, scalable and functionally rich, Lantium delivers cost-effective cloud-based services to help your organization maintain and improve operations, enhance technology planning, manage capital operational finances and even meet regulatory requirements. Our enterprise-class data centers adhere to proven and structured processes and procedures to ensure your technology assets are available, secure and compliant. We utilize the latest technology trends, without a large capital investment or compromising security, reliability or performance

Improve business operations with scalable, secure, reliable and fully redundant data solutions.

Designed to help maximize your existing technology investments and meet current and future needs, Lantium’s datacenter services provides scalable, secure, reliable and fully redundant solutions to ensure your environment is efficient and your employees productive. We utilize the latest technology trends and industry best practices, without a large capital investment or compromising security, reliability or performance, to access the IT infrastructure and platform assets best suited for your business needs. Our enterprise-class datacenters are geographically dispersed to ensure proper disaster recovery, and to provide reliable on-demand resources via the Internet and/or private network connections. If moving to the cloud for your data and infrastructure needs is right for your organization, Lantium offers customized cloud deployment and can recommend the right solution for your business.

From financial information and e-mails to customer transactions and account information, access and storage of your data is mission-critical to your business. How much time can you afford to be down? How much data can you lose without significantly affecting your bottom line? Lantium’s backup solutions can help your business store your data offsite in a secure data center giving you peace of mind your critical data is protected and your business is resilient.

Mother Nature, human error, server failure, or network outages can all take your infrastructure offline, limiting access to and the recovery of your essential business data. Unfortunately, disasters can happen anytime and can range from a minor impact of operations to a major stoppage. Our consultants work with you to design a customized backup solution for better, faster and more cost effective data protection and recovery. Lantium’s cloud services experts determine acceptable recovery objectives to regain full access quickly and to help your organization anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to changes and disruptions in the future.

Eventually, your business will experience an event that interrupts normal operations and disrupts your ability to run. From machine or human error, viruses, or even a natural disaster, having a plan in place puts your organization in the best possible position to reduce downtime and better maintain your data, securely, in an emergency. Lantium’s disaster recovery focuses on the planning, policies and procedures that ensure your business the ability to recover and continue to operate regardless of a natural or human-induced incident. Our custom, cost-effective and flexible disaster recovery solutions help your organization anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt – prioritizing your business functions so you can rapidly regain mission-critical applications, data, services and, most importantly, productivity.

Designed to easily scale and adapt to your business needs, colocation enables your organization the ability to increase agility, lower costs, and improve performance – all while maintaining around the clock uptime, access and security. At a fraction of the cost of a private datacenter, Lantium’s comprehensive colocation services will help house your servers in the cloud, keeping them safe from service interruptions, security breaches and data loss. Whether you want to colocate just one server or multiple racks, need assistance with equipment installation, server configuration, system monitoring or scale out your entire data center, Lantium provides cost effective, dependable and responsive solutions tailored to meet your business’ unique needs.

Today, more and more organizations are embracing software-as-a-service models due to lower overall costs, better security and its ability to re-deploy IT staff for other, more significant projects and initiatives. Hosted Microsoft Exchange email is one of the more commonly accepted cloud services that can help your business get the latest messaging technology, without the cost and burden of managing it in-house. Lantium offers simple, secure and reliable hosted Exchange solutions for a low monthly per user fee. We eliminate the time, cost, and aggravation of managing your email system in-house so there is no need to procure, roll out or maintain your own Exchange Server. By hosting your Exchange email system in the cloud, Lantium can provide your business with a more reliable and affordable solution to keep your end users productive.

Is moving to the cloud right for your organization? We can help you make the right decision.

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